Organic apples

Our specialisation in the production of organic apples came after years of varietal research and experimentation and makes it possible for us to offer interesting varieties and the “extra quality” of resistant early, medium and late cultivars, as a response to the needs of the market, oriented to quality that combines food safety with respect for the environment.


The apple is one of the best known and beneficial fruits for health in the world and belongs to the seventh basic food group. This fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is made up of 86% of water and most of its sugars derive from fructose; it therefore has low calorie content. The apple, native to Central Asia (Kazakhstan), evolved in the Neolithic and has been appreciated since antiquity for its many properties and benefits, given that it contains a great quantity of antioxidants that help rid the body of toxins, reduce the cholesterol levels and prevent the development of some cancers.


  • - Carton box, in bulk 8 or 10 or 13 kg
  • - Carton box, 1 or 2 layers
  • - _Other packages on request, in a carton basket with film or flowpack, including biodegradable

patented early varieties


The apple that brings happiness
An apple with a captivating colour, 95% bright red.
Similar in taste to a Gala apple but sharper.
Harvested at the end of July


The fine and beautiful apple
Yellow apple with subtle pink hues. Sweet taste, like the famous Moscato wine.
Harvested 25/30 August


The melody of an apple
Apple with deep red on a yellow background.
Crunchy with a strong taste. Harvested 15/20 July

Research into production techniques and varieties of organic products

The farms of Bio Trading s.r.l. also share continuous experimentation and research into new production techniques and organic product varieties. Specialising in the production of apples, the group has recently patented some interesting early varieties: Galice®, Dorella®, SansaArena®.