Our group of organic farmers:
values and mission

The choice of organic cultivation and to operate exclusively in this sector derives from our deep, historical link with the land. Sustainable farming, in fact, makes it possible to produce without altering the natural balance, without plundering or excessively exploiting it.
The organic production method is different from the conventional one because it does not operate through aggression: it does not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, fungicides or insecticides.
It acts preventively in the defence of the crop using natural methods that favour the production of foodstuffs in a healthy way. Organic farming uses techniques that respect the intrinsic fertility of the soil, it does not impoverish or pollute the soil and, as a result, ensures products that are not only healthier but also tastier.

To convey the uniqueness of the quality, the passion and the values that characterise us, the new brand of our productions was created:



Exclusively organic production

In our family farm, we have been operating according to the techniques of organic farming since 2000 and, in 2003, we founded Bio Trading srl in order to promote and market our produce. Over the years, we have earned the trust of other local producers and, currently, 25 farms send us their produce.

We are a group of certified organic companies that operate in accordance with the principles of the EU Regulation 834/2007 (Organic Agriculture) and following the good farming practices of the Global Gap and Global Grasp protocol, contributing to consumers’ health and with respect for the environment and the workers!


Storage, selection and packaging

With advanced facilities and suitable means, we are able to effectively manage all the post-harvest phases: from the quality control and storage to calibration and grading through to packaging and shipping of the labelled and packaged product, ready to be consumed!

We work in a factory of around 3,000 square meters under cover and another 5,000 square metres uncovered. We constantly carry out technical controls in the field before harvest and careful post-harvest checks on the quality and healthiness of the product. With different processing lines, we are able to select the product for different types of clients, offering numerous types of packaging and wrapping.