Organic kiwi fruit

Today, Italy is the leading producer in the world of Kiwi fruit and Verona, in particular is a particularly favourable spot for its cultivation, with land that ensures optimum characteristics of quality and preservation.


The Kiwi fruit comes from the plant Actinidia Chinensis (Actinidiacee family), a climbing liana with heart-shaped leaves that can reach as high as 10 metres, characterised by very long, thin branches. There are male plants with flowers gathered in clusters and female plants with flowers spaced apart to make way for the fruit to ripen. The fruit from the green or yellow flesh with black seeds and brown skin can be more of less sharp, depending on the degree of ripeness. It is made up of 84% of water and is rich in vitamins; it has 85 milligrams of vitamin C in every 100 grams. The fruit is native to China and spread throughout Europe towards the end of the twentieth century.


  • - Carton box, in bulk 6 or 10 kg
  • - Carton box, 1 layer
  • - _Other packages on request, in a carton basket with film or flowpack, including biodegradable