Organic pears

The pear adapts well to organic farming, especially the early varieties, while the late varieties are more difficult, due in part to the codling-moth, known as the “apple worm” but which also attacks the pear and that, in our nurseries, we control with anti-insect nets that wrap around the entire plant (Alt’Carpo).


The pear is a very ancient fruit that comes from a very long-lived plant, the Pyrus communis, like the apple, grown in Asia and Europe since prehistory. The beneficial and nutritional properties of the pear are numerous. They are made up of 84% of water and are rich in simple sugars, vitamins and mineral salts.


  • - Carton box, in bulk 9 or 10 kg
  • - Carton box, layered
  • - _Other packages on request, in a carton basket with film or flowpack, including biodegradable